Quiet in the Chaos

My mornings look just like yours… only probably more chaotic. Big people and little people rolling out of bed and rolling their eyes. A frisky four-legged creature who thinks she’s a person requires attention. The red coffee pot gurgles and lets off steam. Frozen waffles are placed in the toaster oven and slathered with peanut butter. Last minute decisions on lunches demand furious sandwich making. Forgotten papers show up to be signed. Clothes carefully laid out the night before have lost their appeal in the morning light and force spontaneous fashion choices. And let’s not forget the attitudes. The attitude of I don’t want to get up, I didn’t sleep well and I am tired. Or the I can’t open my eyes because I stayed up too late. Or the just don’t bother me, I am not a morning person. And then there’s the I have a tight agenda this morning and I don’t need you to mess it up by asking questions.

Funny how mornings are something we deal with every day, and yet…they still come as a surprise.

I remember when I was in college and I was introduced to the word, “Quiet Time.” I didn’t really like it. The word… and the idea. You see, I am a person energized by people and the noise that people make. So, quiet time sounded like a punishment. On top of the intro to the word, “Quiet Time,” was the encouragement to have this said quiet time in the morning.

Since I am admitting a lot of things on this blog lately, I will admit to this: I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. I have faced this morning thing almost 15,000 times in my life… and yet, it still has not found my favor.

But Jesus beckons…

I used to brush off the morning quiet time and say that it just wasn’t for me, and I found another time in the day to spend with Jesus. I rationalized my actions by telling others that God made me this way and HE knows that I am not a morning person. Why in the world would He want to spend time with a grump?

But Jesus invites…

This is not a ploy to get you non-morning people to join me in the dark thirty hour and hang out with Jesus. That is up to you. But I feel I must tell you what God has done in my life and the way He has changed me because I began bringing a sacrifice of praise to Him in the morning. And it is a sacrifice. I sacrifice my sleep. I sacrifice my desire to do nothing. I sacrifice my desire to be a moody non-morning person.

I’m asking GOD for one thing,
only one thing:
To live with him in his house
my whole life long.
I’ll contemplate his beauty;
I’ll study at his feet.

That’s the only quiet, secure place
in a noisy world,
The perfect getaway,
far from the buzz of traffic. Psalm 27: 4 -5 MSG

I have to wake up before the chaos begins. I choose to place my mind and heart before Him first thing instead of allowing my flesh to lead. I intentionally place Him on the throne of my life and ask Him, beg Him to give me His perspective, His presence, His peace, and His power. I desire to love like Him, live like Him, and even look like Him.

The time is not magical, but it is miraculous. Because something happens in those first few minutes (sometimes five, sometimes twenty-five) that prepares me to face the day. That something is a Someone. I invite Him to invade. Invade my thoughts, my decisions, my desires, my plans, my longings, my dreams, my hopes, my fears, my mindset. I cast off fear by ushering in His perfect love.

It is in those first few critical moments of my day that I remind myself that I am nothing and He is everything.

I don’t always get it right. I oversleep. I make bad choices. I yell. I pout. I forget. I fail. But, I am learning that His grace is always sufficient. Always.

Next week, I will talk more about what I do in that morning time… but for now, you might want to read this by my Hello Mornings friend, Heather or this free e-book from Kat at Inspired to Action or this blog post by my friend, Elisa, at More to Be. They all talk about their morning times with Jesus.

And then I also wrote a short and sweet devotional this week over at Keeping It Personal. It is on being “stilled” by God and it features Zephaniah 3:17.

I’ll be praying for you as we seek God together in the mornings. I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment and we’ll chat!

Living for ONE…


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  1. Gaye says:

    Good morning, Kelli! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am a morning person, and I still struggle with some of those same things! (My guilt moment comes when I wake up with my Bible on my lap – rested but not connected.) I enjoy your writings so much – thank you.

  2. Larri says:

    Looking forward to spending #hellomornings with you next week! You CAN DO THIS! :) He’s already waiting. You just have to show up. Great post! Thanks for sharing, friend!

  3. Amy Ward says:

    This was so good this morning and so timely as we all synchronize our calendars with those of school…even if our children are grown and married or away at college…we still do that, you know?

    Love, love all the additional gifts of the links you included today.

    Love you! Thank you for writing! You’re good at it. I hope you know that.

  4. I could have written this exact passage about my life. Just in the past 2 weeks I’ve started setting my alarm for EARLY. Which is so not my style, I too am NOT a morning person. BUT, I’m learning that getting up and having that personal time with Jesus before the chaos of the day sets in is vital. I’ve always used that “God didn’t make me a morning person excuse too,” but the issue is always the same…if I wait until a time that I am more awake, chaos takes over and I don’t have that time with Jesus. I still greatly dislike my alarm. And I still hit snooze (a lot). But I am adjusting, and the quiet time is worth it.

  5. Brent Dumler says:

    Wow Kelli…seems like we’re all struggling to figure out this thing of regular quiet time with Jesus! I admire your authenticity on the subject…as well as your artistic approach to painting it on the canvas of this awesome blog. I don’t get this right every day either, but I’m encouraged that I’m probably closer to Jesus now than any other time in my 25 years as a believer. Keep it up. He enjoys you in your mornings…both the chipper you & the grumpy you! Praying you have a very blessed day.

  6. Louisa Tovar says:

    Awesome…. since I became christian “four years ago” I decided to spend time with Jesus in the mornings. I discovered that this was the only time that I could really rest in Him, and learn from Him. Since I made the decision to be in His presence, I’ve seen how He has changed me. And how he has brought passionate love for Him. But, also I came to realize that when I don’t have my special time with Him, my day is not the same, and I am not the same. He is so powerful that once we start to depend on Him we can’t really go back, we are not the same, and we understand that we need Him. He shows me His love and patience every morning, and this is my strength everyday.

  7. Stephanie says:

    This is so timely Kelli! I’ve been really convicted about this lately – starting my with God instead of trying to fit Him in somewhere if at all. The crazy thing is that as soon as I plan on getting up early – the weirdest things start to happen! My youngest is up all night, my husband wants to stay up late and talk and watch movies, or I just end up more tired than usual…anything and everything starts to get in the way. I really appreciate your honesty in this post – it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this! Thanks for a great post!

  8. Amy Alves says:

    Afternoon Kelli! What a great topic… love the fact that you shared about how mornings come every day and we’re still not very good at them. :) There’s a lot of truth in that sister… learning along with you! Thanks for sharing, Amy

  9. ro elliott says:

    we are neighbors at Denise’s…I am not a morning person either…but I can tell the biggest difference when I start my day with Jesus…I am more connected throughout the day…much the same as with my earthly husband…the more we talk…spend time together…the closer…more loved I feel. blessings to you~

  10. Dawn Aldrich says:

    Incredibly timely, Kelli. Thanks so much for being real here. That snooze button on my iPhone gets a work out in the morning! My life just morphed into high speed and I so need to make sure I sacrifice that morning snooze and offer Him my praise. I must admit, I don’t always want to and I most always choose the soft, warm blanket over His embrace. Ready to change.


  11. Cailey Dumler says:

    Thank you for sharing with authenticity! I love learning from you! This is beautifully written!

  12. I LOVE THIS! The sacrifice of praise thing is just spot on. It’s hard at some levels to get up, but just the idea of giving him your “first fruits” of your day is so worth it!

    Thank you!


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