Looking for Trouble?

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We talked about God being the Father of Compassion and the God of all Comfort - the perfect source of comfort when we are need - on Monday. Today we are going to talk about the fact that we will suffer, we will endure hard times, we will face trials. But in those trials and troubles, we are able to experience God. For just as Christ’s [own] sufferings fall to our lot [as they overflow upon His disciples, and we share and experience them] abundantly, so through Christ comfort (consolation and encouragement) is also [shared and experienced] abundantly by us. 2 Corinthians 1:5 AMP The overflowing of suffering AND comfort. Paul is saying that sure we will have difficulties. In fact, hardships will abound!  But just as we have an abundance of suffering, we will be overwhelmed with comfort and consolation. Ironic it seems, but as Christians the two – suffering and comfort – really do go hand in hand. Our relationship with Christ guarantees suffering, but it also guarantees His comfort! There are many times that I find myself praying for someone who is going through a “trouble” or hardship in life. This difficult … [Read more...]

My Life on the Mine Train


  I remember it vividly. As we loaded onto the cars that would take us up and down and twisting and turning, there was a mixture of fear and thrill. You know that blending of emotions that causes you to want to throw up and jump up and down simultaneously. The fear starts to produce doubts, but the opportunity of a thrill enables you to get on this crazy roller coaster. Yes, we climbed into our two-passenger seats and waited for the rote instruction... "Arms up as the safety bar comes down and locks in front of you." Except it didn't come down. The safety bar did not come down! We screamed for help and for the attendant to stop the train from beginning to move, but no one could hear us above all the other noise. Thrill seemed to fade quickly as we literally hung on for life to the front of our car. Thankfully, there were only minor turns and hills before we saw another attendant. As we ascended onto one of the major hills, we yelled for the attendant to stop the train and pull down the safety bar. Once again, we were not heard. By now fear was our faithful attender. My aunt who was in the car with me did her best to … [Read more...]