I’m Keeping My Day Job…


I enjoy blogging... well, for the most part. I never would have dreamed that in July of 2011 when I started this blog, a ministry page on Facebook and a Twitter conversation, I would be still doing this today. Seriously. With over 130 posts, almost 900 Twitter friends, and almost 600 FaceBook ministry friends, I am still going. And YOU are one of the reasons I do. There are many days I think that social media and blogging is crazy and a time waster, and then I get a humbling note from one of you letting me know that God is doing a work in you and... I decide not to quit. The other reason I keep doing this: God has called me to. He has let me know time after time that this internet that the enemy has meant for harm and destruction CAN BE a tool for sharing the heart of God for broken and lost people. And that my little corner of cyberspace is a gift. A Gift... I choose to use it to bless, to encourage, to lift up, and to hopefully, empower. Thank you for allowing me to share this gift... with YOU. You may or may not know that in addition to blogging and social media, I have an IN REAL LIFE job. I laugh when I call it a job. … [Read more...]

When God Turns Your World Upside Down

Photo by Chris Rabig

In the most reverent of ways, I say, Oh My God... I feel awesome wonder, great humility and incredible excitement all at the same time.  What you have done these last few days is indeed a spiritual high, a pivotal moment that I will never forget. It has truly been one of those a-ha, write-in-your-journal, and blog-about-it kind of experiences. Only You can take a workshop meant to teach Spiritual Leadership Coaching and turn it into divine encounter with You. We make plans, but ultimately You do Your thing. And we are thankful. You have completely turned my world and the world of about 35 others UPSIDE DOWN. My prayer is that others can tell we have been with You, Jesus. That others can see that we have experienced God. You have sure been with us. In us. Around us. On us. Through us. Now overflow from us!  When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.  Acts 4:13 Let it be said of us. Amen. Note: I have a lot swirling around in my head... not to mention I am exhausted. But I plan to write a full … [Read more...]

Can you Hear ME Now?: On Purpose Wednesdays

phone screen

I couldn't do anything about it. I was in front of the room being interviewed as one of the retreat speakers and I heard it. My cell phone. I had forgotten to put it on vibrate when the session started. Now, I was being asked about my family and my hopes for the weekend and I could hear my cell phone talking in the back of the room. You see, I have one of those old wonderful cell phones that announce the caller out loud! (I have had it for over three years and have yet to figure out how to turn that announcer off.) So here I was helpless in the front of the room with my incessant phone repeating something over and over again.  I couldn't hear what it said, but I knew it was my phone. After the speaker interview session, we had a break and I went to the restroom. As I stood in line, (you know how we have to do that with lots of women and three stalls) my friend Jennifer inquired, "Did you hear that cell phone talking in the back?" I was embarrassed to tell her that it was mine. She asked, "Did you hear what it said?" I told her that I did not have a chance to go check it because I came straight to the restroom. (You know, … [Read more...]